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For some weird reason, without me requesting the time off, I have Friday night off. This means I can watch the final episode of BSG!

Is anyone having a BSG viewing party? If not, should I have one here? 
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It has been crazy slow at the restaurant. Instead of the usual 20 servers on the floor each shift, the managers have been cutting it down to 10 or so. Most servers are only scheduled about 3 shifts now as a result. I was scheduled 5 shifts this week but I just got called out of my shift tonight. Ugh! At least I'm working this weekend. There's a big convention so that should make it busy.

On the bright side, I guess that means I can watch Lost tonight! OMG LOST.
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Don't read this if you're not caught up in Battlestar Galactica yet. It contains major spoilers about the latest episode.

Don't read comments either as I'm sure there will be spoilers.

Having said that...what did you think of tonight's episode?

My response will be in the comments!
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Change of plans again for tomorrow. Sorry, Paco. I can't make it to your BSG party. I just saw my schedule for this weekend and I have to work early on Saturday. I don't think I should be driving back and forth to Kirkland.

Soo...if anyone wants to watch BSG with me tomorrow, feel free to come over. I got rid of my lunch shift so I could take the Barnetts to the airport, run some errands and then watch the marathon. Just text me to let me know.

Cool beans.
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Who do you think the last cylon is?

It has to be Roslin. We know nothing about her past except that she was a politician. It can't be either of the Adamas. There's lots of history there and they're even doing a spin-off show about the family. Obviously, they weren't 'made' but born. Baltar and Starbuck are just crazy.

It's Roslin, I'm telling you.

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