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In an effort to get healthy and save lots of money, I'm going to stop drinking for 30 days. Yesterday was my first day and I can start drinking again on May 27th, a few days before my birthday. That will give me a few days to bring my tolerance back up so I'm not puking like an amateur 21 year old at my own party.

My doctor told me to stop drinking over 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure is really high -like hypertension high. She told me that if it didn't improve in a couple of weeks, I'd have to go on medication. I have a follow up appointment scheduled on Thursday, but since I haven't been doing what she told me to do, my bp is probably still the same. I don't want to go on any medication and I'm sure I can control this with my diet, so I'm going to reschedule for next week and hopefully I'll be at a normal rate by then.

I'm pretty determined to do this. I want to go into my 30th year in a better state than I'm in now...which is totally brokedown.
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I've already reserved the downstairs area at the Alibi Room for my birthday. Party is on! Save the date: May 31st. It's a Sunday, so you should ask for Monday off so you can get drizunk with me.
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Anyone else going to Re Bar to watch our pals in The Goonies?


Apr. 7th, 2009 02:53 am
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bruised tailbone that will cause me pain for a few weeks, according to doc. according to me, no relief in sight.

have ridiculously high blood pressure that concerns my doc and adviced to check and report on twice a week.

minor car accident causing me major $$$.

postponing my SF trip to mid May because of above incidents.

stupid cop that I went on a date on sending me crazy text messages.

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I fell down the stairs when I was heading to my room last night. It was more like I slid down but landed hard on my ass. Now I have this excruciating pain at the tip of my tailbone. I hurt every time I move. I can barely walk up or down the stairs.

I have no idea how I'll be able to function at work tonight.
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I'll be in San Francisco April 9th thru the 12th!

There is an anime convention across the street from work that weekend, so I asked for the time off to avoid the anime customers. I decided I might as well go somewhere, so I decided on SF.

I'm excited and I hope I get to see all you SF folks!
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We are getting a new server at work whose last name is Boomer. OMG CYLON!

I am never going to call him by his first name.
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For some weird reason, without me requesting the time off, I have Friday night off. This means I can watch the final episode of BSG!

Is anyone having a BSG viewing party? If not, should I have one here? 
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I successfully cooked pansit!
Originally uploaded by terrajen.
I finally got the nerve to try making this dish and it turned out delicious! I'm so happy.

It was a pain in the ass to make, though. Now I know why it's usually only made during special occassions.

Next attempt: lumpia!
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Anyone interested in seeing Neil Halstead with me at the Triple Door on Friday night?!
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I just realized I haven't seen or hung out with any of you guys since inauguration night! I can't wait for the party tonight. Let's do tequila shots, kthx.
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8am meeting this morning! After half the servers had to stay til 1:30am because of a last minute rush. This blows.

Great News!

Feb. 3rd, 2009 11:02 am
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Picante Pants just informed me that Condomania.com is once again taking custom fit orders for condoms!

This means the penis ruler is back! Go and measure your penises!!!!

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I'm actually going to a real superbowl party. They know I don't care about the game and that I'm only going to drink and socialize. I'm not going until half-time because I can't deal with watching football for that long. Ugh.
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It has been crazy slow at the restaurant. Instead of the usual 20 servers on the floor each shift, the managers have been cutting it down to 10 or so. Most servers are only scheduled about 3 shifts now as a result. I was scheduled 5 shifts this week but I just got called out of my shift tonight. Ugh! At least I'm working this weekend. There's a big convention so that should make it busy.

On the bright side, I guess that means I can watch Lost tonight! OMG LOST.
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I'm going to bed early and setting my alarm for 6am. Hopefully I can join in the inauguration parties in the morning.
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Don't read this if you're not caught up in Battlestar Galactica yet. It contains major spoilers about the latest episode.

Don't read comments either as I'm sure there will be spoilers.

Having said that...what did you think of tonight's episode?

My response will be in the comments!
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Change of plans again for tomorrow. Sorry, Paco. I can't make it to your BSG party. I just saw my schedule for this weekend and I have to work early on Saturday. I don't think I should be driving back and forth to Kirkland.

Soo...if anyone wants to watch BSG with me tomorrow, feel free to come over. I got rid of my lunch shift so I could take the Barnetts to the airport, run some errands and then watch the marathon. Just text me to let me know.

Cool beans.
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Who do you think the last cylon is?

It has to be Roslin. We know nothing about her past except that she was a politician. It can't be either of the Adamas. There's lots of history there and they're even doing a spin-off show about the family. Obviously, they weren't 'made' but born. Baltar and Starbuck are just crazy.

It's Roslin, I'm telling you.

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