Apr. 28th, 2009

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I've already reserved the downstairs area at the Alibi Room for my birthday. Party is on! Save the date: May 31st. It's a Sunday, so you should ask for Monday off so you can get drizunk with me.
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In an effort to get healthy and save lots of money, I'm going to stop drinking for 30 days. Yesterday was my first day and I can start drinking again on May 27th, a few days before my birthday. That will give me a few days to bring my tolerance back up so I'm not puking like an amateur 21 year old at my own party.

My doctor told me to stop drinking over 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure is really high -like hypertension high. She told me that if it didn't improve in a couple of weeks, I'd have to go on medication. I have a follow up appointment scheduled on Thursday, but since I haven't been doing what she told me to do, my bp is probably still the same. I don't want to go on any medication and I'm sure I can control this with my diet, so I'm going to reschedule for next week and hopefully I'll be at a normal rate by then.

I'm pretty determined to do this. I want to go into my 30th year in a better state than I'm in now...which is totally brokedown.

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